Matthew N. Xiarhos

Executive Committee

Matthew dedicates his time to serving the community as a volunteer for The Salem Pantry and as Webmaster for WARMLINES.ORG 

He conceived of the idea to put all warmlines nationwide into a searchable directory and designed and implemented the database directory to provide users with fast and easy access to warmlines. He created and built the new website and continues to maintain the WARMLINE.ORG website as Webmaster.  

With lived experience with treatment-resistant BiPolar Disorder and PTSD, Matthew is passionate about helping others that suffer with mental illnesses and trauma.  He had a leadership role in a Massachusetts local northshore chapter of DBSA (Depression BiPolar Support Alliance) for whom he built a website, did outreach efforts at local psychiatric facilities, and acted a a regular Peer Facilitator leading weekly meetings of the the support group.

Dragonflies can represent self-realization and mental and emotional maturity. Dragonflies’ agile flight and ability to move in all directions can symbolize power and poise. In Japan, the dragonfly is the national symbol and represents joy and rebirth.  Some believe that seeing a dragonfly, especially if it lands on you, means better times are ahead. In Swedish culture, dragonflies are believed to represent the purity of ones soul.  Matthew views dragonflies as the perfect symbol of his life and future.

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