Anti-Spam Policy

The rapid growth within the technology sector has led to numerous cases of fraud and abuse of the growing network resources.

In particular, “spam” has proven to be a major problem for many of our customers and the Internet at large. Spam is a common slang term referring to the sending of unsolicited email, instant messaging, or other communication to a large group of people at once. Variations on this practice include off topic (and usually promotional) messages on bulletin boards, guestbooks, Usenet newsgroups, or chat rooms.

Spam is strictly against our Terms of Service, any users who wish to sign up for any email newsletter, blogs, or user groups will only receive necessary communications with an philosophy of minimalism and economy of scale given the large amount of technology infringement that already burdens everyone’s lives.

The following policy dictates in specific terms what is considered acceptable use of bulk email/messaging by WARMLINE.ORGt:


Mailing list subscribers must specifically opt-into the list they are subscribed to. This applies to both new subscriptions and the bulk addition of addresses already subscribed via other means. Confirmation is handled using a single confirmation message sent to the subscriber’s email address. This mailing must contain a URL to the site’s privacy policy, a brief description of the mailing list, and a URL that the user must follow to confirm the subscription.

Mailing Practices

Undeliverable addresses will be removed from all future mailings after no more than 5 bounces.

All mailings will provide clear and simple to follow instructions for opting-out of future mailings, and all reasonable attempts must be made to facilitate the removal of a mailing list subscriber at their request.


Predominately promotional messages must not be posted to bulletin boards, discussion forums, guestbooks, Usenet newsgroups, or any other similar service unless we explicitly allows such messages. In the case of Usenet newsgroups, such messages must be specifically allowed in that group’s charter.


By following these guidelines and respecting the privacy of our visitors, we can gain much from the responsible practices online. Of course, should you have any questions regarding our communications with you, please use the form below to contact us.  Thank you,

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