Vanessa Williams - CPRSS, CDP, MSL CEO, Elevate Recovery LLC Board President, National Association of Peer Supporters

Executive Committee

Vanessa Williams (she/her) is a Certified Peer and Recovery Support Specialist, trainer, and mental health advocate.

Since beginning her journey in 2010 as a Warm Line specialist and supervisor, Vanessa has made significant strides in the field of peer support.

As the CEO of Elevate Recovery LLC, she offers continuing education training courses for Peer Specialists and facilitates support groups for the Black community.

Vanessa also serves as the Board President for the National Association of Peer Supporters (N.A.P.S.). Specializing in the application of accessibility, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (A-JEDI) principles, Vanessa helps organizations enhance their workplace culture, leading to improved representation, productivity, and employee retention.

Her expertise extends to peer support leadership, mentoring, and coaching from a trauma-informed perspective.

Vanessa’s contributions to healthcare education have earned her recognition as a finalist for The Phoenix Business Journal’s Health Care Heroes awards in 2016 and 2017.

She is a sought-after speaker, having presented at numerous behavioral health agencies and conferences on the critical role of peer support specialists in the behavioral health field.

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