Oregon -David Romprey Oregon Warmline / Linea de Esperanza


Always available and only a phone call away!

No registration or assessment required. Just give us a call!

The Oregon Warmline (the Dave Romprey one) takes out-of-state callers.

Oregonians can call up to 4x/day and out-of-state callers can call up to 2x/day.

Call to have a confidential conversation with a peer trained in Intentional Peer Support.

We will listen without judgment or criticism.

Together we can learn and grow.

People just want to be heard…

And we are here for you!

Whoever you are and whatever you may be going through, you are welcome on the Warmline!

Our caring team of trained peers offers nonjudgmental and confidential peer support every day.

No appointments needed!

We are here for you!

Our goal is to connect with you, to listen, and to discover together how we can make sense of our experiences. We understand that everyone has a unique worldview. People can see more possibilities for ourselves when we connect with a compassionate peer.

Our Warmline Team members are people who have experienced life challenges – including moods, voices, visions, trauma, and addictions. We know what it is like to feel big feelings or to find ourselves in moments when there seems to be little to hope for. No need to go through this alone…

Give us a call! David Romprey Oregon Warmline 1-800-698-2392 Intentional Peer Support (IPS) provides a powerful framework for creating relationships where both people learn and grow together. IPS is used across the world in community, peer support, and human services settings, and is a tool for community development that honors each person’s strengths and innate value.

Why IPS? Peers come together around shared experiences and often a desire to change lives. But without a new framework to build upon, people frequently re-enact “help” based on what was done to them. IPS offers a foundation for doing something different. We focus on building relationships that are mutual, explorative, and conscious of power. We won’t try to “fix” you, but we would love to connect with you to listen, share, and learn with you as we both move forward in our life journeys.

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WARMLINE takes out-of-state calls ?
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English, Spanish


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