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About Uplift WI

This line is for Wisconsin residents and is staffed by certified peer specialists – people with lived experiences of mental health, substance use and other related life experiences. Call this line if you need someone to talk to for support when things are difficult, or when you just need a peer to connect with. You do not need to be in crisis to call this line. This line is fully anonymous and confidential and is not directly connected to crisis linkage services.  We will not call emergency services on you unless you specifically request this from us, and that process will be led by you.


Peer Ethics

Our line is staffed by peer support specialists, not therapists or counselors. A peer is a person who has lived experience navigating their own mental health or substance use. Peers work by providing judgment-free support. The person answering the phone may or may not have the same lived experience as you, but they are trained to let you lead on what you want to talk about and what support looks like for you. Unlike therapists, peers are able to speak from their personal experiences and may be more or less comfortable with various conversation topics depending on their own boundaries.

Operators on this line are beholden to peer support best practices as defined by the Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialist Scope of Practice, which include:

  • Encouraging you to plan what you need yourself to pursue your own goals of wellness, including in crisis situations
  • Supporting you in exploring the options and resources that work for you
  • Providing culturally sensitive and age-appropriate support
  • Self-determination: you determine what you need and want
  • Advocacy: you are free to seek support advocating for yourself in navigating systems
  • Respect for lived experience: we trust that you know your own life best

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