FAQs about Adding / Editing a WARMLINE submission

What's the deal with the $0.00 cost ?

Don't worry, it's entirely FREE. It's just part of the software we are using that we can't turn off! Sorry. Safely ignore it.....

What's "Is this a NEW WARMLINE Listing or an Edit / Correction to an Existing Listing" ?

This just allows the database administrators to know whether we are creating a new listing for your WARMLINE or editing / correcting / adding to an existing WARMLINE that's already in the database.

What's "Name of WARMLINE" ?

This is the name of your WARMLINE that you would like to see as the VERY TOP LINE of your listing. If you have an existing listing please enter it here so we know who you are. If you want to change the NAME of your WARMLINE listing please add the new NAME / TITLE at the bottom of this form in the COMMENTS section.

What's a "Tagline" ?

Some organizations have a short slogan they use that might reflect their philosophy, area of service etc..

What's "Description of WARMLINE Services & Philosophy" ?

This is where you can put in the most amount of detail about your organization. Don't enter phone numbers or hours of operation etc... there will be a place for those items later. This is the place to describe your organization, mission and objectives, philosophy, and areas serviced etc...

What's "Languages Spoken by WARMLINE personnel" ?

If you have any personnel that speak foreign languages this is the place to indicate it. If the language isn't listed as a choice please let us know in the "Comment" section at the end of the form. We will add it to the database and edit your listing to reflect that you have staff that speaks that language.

What's "WARMLINE Phone & Chat Numbers" ?

Obvious...right? However, we recommend that you use the following format (111) 111-1111 so that is will be compatible with the greatest number of phone applications so a user can just click on the number to get it to dial.... You CAN add some text after the phone number like "CHAT Line" or "Espanol", "LOCAL", "Toll-free" etc...

What about the "Email"and "Website" fields ?

We might suggest that you DO NOT put in your email address. It's likely the SPAM BOTS will just pummel you with unwanted emails and phishing schemes. However, DO ADD your WEBSITE address if you have one. If you have a specific webpage for your WARMLINE we suggest you use that URL so that anyone that clicks on it will go directly to your WARMLINE oriented information. Here's an example of what we mean: crisis.solari-inc.org/get-help/warm-line/


This is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION of your submission. Why? Because it allows the database to show users whether you are "OPEN" or "CLOSED" and it adjusts things for your time zone. Seems simple enough, right ? Actually, this section can be kind of tricky. If you are in operation 24/7 then just select that option. If you are "Open for Selected Hours" then you can enter your hours for each day of the week. HOWEVER, if you are in operation until midnight (12:00AM) or beyond midnight it gets tricky and we suggest that you just enter your hours of operation in the Comment section at the end of the form and we will enter the information for you. It's that important to make sure your listing is accurately reflecting whether you are OPEN or CLOSED. We're happy to assist. Also, the "Timezone" selection isn't easy...we'll take care of that too.

What's "Areas of Service" and "STATE" and "Our WARMLINE takes out-of-state calls" ?

For the STATE field please select your state of operation. If you take calls out-of-state please indicated YES for "Our WARMLINE takes out-of-state calls". If you're feeling ambitious you can also select every single state if you operation nationwide. Otherwise, we'll do that for you. Yes, we wish the software had a "Select All" feature too!

What's "Logo" ?

You can add any logo that you have for your WARMLINE organization. 500 x 500 pixels seems to work well if you're feeling tech savvy. Otherwise, you can upload whatever you've got and we'll adjust it to fit, if necessary.

What's "Comments for WARMLINE.ORG" ?

The "Comments for WARMLINE.ORG" section is the place where you can put in any notes about your listing, and remaining questions, any problems you had with the form, any additional information you think we should add the the database etc...

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