How to Use the "Find a WARMLINE" search bar

How can the "FIND A WARMLINE" Search Feature Actually Help Me?

There are over 150+ WARMLINES throughout the country! Each organization has different hours of operation, some only accept in-state calls while others operate nationwide and will take calls from anywhere. Most are English speaking but there are a growing number of organizations that offer non-English speaking services. Until WARMLINE.ORG, there was no easy way to locate all of this information. With the database that we have built, you can easily locate WARMLINES that speak your language and that are OPEN NOW if you need someone to talk to. Below is a very brief tutorial of how to use WARMLINE.ORG to find help.

Do I need to enter my state?

It's not required. However, if you do not enter your state you may get a rather long list of WARMLINES. Enter your STATE to narrow down your search. If you do check off your STATE, the search will provide a list of any WARMLINES in your state AND also any WARMLINES that accept out-of-state calls .

Do I need to enter my preferred language?

Not necessarily. However, you should use this feature if you are non-English speaking so the search will only return WARMLINES that speak your language.

What does the "SELECT for WARMLINES OPEN NOW!" button do?

By clicking this button, it will turn BLACK and will only provide listings of WARMLINES that are available to talk now. If you are doing some research to find listings even if they are NOT OPEN now make sure it has a WHITE background.

OK, I entered in my state, preferred language, and whether I am looking for a WARMLINE that is OPEN NOW. What's NEXT?

Now, simply CLICK on the black "Find WARMLINES" button and the database will return a list of WARMLINES that meets your needs

Nothing was listed when I clicked on the black "Find WARMLINES" button!

This means that there is no WARMLINE that exactly fits the criteria you selected. The first thing we recommend is to start over by selecting the "Find a WARMLINE" menu item and enter your STATE and PREFERRED LANGUAGE again BUT DO NOT click on the "SELECT for WARMLINES OPEN NOW" button. Leave that button blank with a WHITE background. It could be that there are WARMLINES that meet your needs BUT they might be CLOSED at the moment. This is still helpful because you see what WARMLINES are available and select that particular WARMLINE to see more details and what their hours of operation are.

I'm still having trouble finding a WARMLINE that meets my needs with the search feature. Is there anything else I can do to find a WARMLINE?

YES! Select the Find a WARMLINE menu item at the top of the webpage. Scroll down and you will see a listing of EVERY WARMLINE in our database. While it's not as helpful as the search feature, if you are having trouble finding a WARMLINE you could go through the list and see if you can find a WARMLINE that meets your needs. Agreed, it's a lot more work than using the search feature, but it can be alphabetized and all of the relevant information is right there for every listing. You will see that you can sort the list A-Z or Z-A if that helps at all...

Why are other states listed that I didn't select?

The database has the power to locate WARMLINES that take out-of-state calls. So even though the WARMLINE isn't local they WILL take your call. This can be very helpful if no other WARMLINES are OPEN. You will see on these listings that there is a database field that says "Takes out-of-state calls: YES"

I see from the list that the WARMLINE I'm interested in is (OPEN/CLOSED) but what are their Hours of Operation ?

CLICK on the TOP LINE of the listing. This will provide ALL DETAILS for that WARMLINE.

How do I SORT the listings ?

Just above the very first listing on the right-hand side you will see a drop-down menu called " Sort By " . CLICK the little down arrow that looks like this = v and then you can have the database sort your list from A to Z or from Z to A. This might be helpful if you have many listings that span several pages or more....

I see that the WARMLINE is OPEN / CLOSED but what are their hours of operation ?

Your in luck ! We put a lot of work into putting in the operating hours for every single WARMLINE for which we could get information and the hours are adjusted by time-zone. For example, if you are on the East Coast in New York City, then Californian WARMLINES are 3 hours behind the time in NYC. The database will adjust whether a WARMLINE shows up as OPEN or CLOSED adjusted for this difference in time-zones. Let us worry about the math! Just look for whether they are listed in GREEN = OPEN or RED = CLOSED.

How do I see all of the information available for a WARMLINE like their hours etc... ?

If you HOVER over the TOP LINE of any listing it will become CAPITALIZED. Just SELECT the top line to get the FULL DETAILS of that WARMLINE.

I'm using a mobile phone, can it dial the number of the WARMLINE for me ?

YES ! Either from the main listing or from the detailed view, just select the phone number field and the number should automatically be filled in....Actually, the same is true for EMAIL and WEB addresses; most mobile phones will open a new mail message or go to their webpage, respectively.

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