WARMLINE.ORG is an entirely volunteer-led organization.

Howard Trachtman, as Founder, has championed the benefits of warmlines for over thirty years.

Today, there are over 150 different warmlines throughout the country.

Our primary aim at WARMLINE.ORG is to leverage the capabilities of technology to become a centralized HUB of resources both for those looking for help as well as for those providing help to the public.

Howard D. Trachtman, BS, CPS, CPRP, COAPS is a mental health advocate. He helped found the Edinburg Center warmline in 1999 and the
Metro Boston Recovery Learning Community warmline in 2008. He registered WARMLINE.ORG and is a champion of warmlines. 


Dr. Rebecca Dalgin

Kimberly Jeanne Harol - Kim Harol is a person with lived experience and 25 years of peer support.


Trenda Hedges, CRSS, CPRS Peer Power, LLC.   Trenda believes in the unique forms of support provided through warmlines and in the mission of WARMLINE.ORG!  Read more...

Orly Israel

Ansh Kharbanda

Ayush Pareek - Mental health is a field that I'm very passionate about from my personal experiences. 


Vanessa Williams
CPRSS, CDP, MSL CEO, Elevate Recovery LLC Board President, National Association of Peer Supporters. Vanessa (she/her) is a Certified Peer and Recovery Support Specialist, trainer, and mental health advocate. 


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